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A home inspection is perhaps the only unofficially compulsory step in the process of purchasing a property. While governments may have not made them mandatory, home inspections in Monmouth County are strongly recommended, and for good reason.

Before you purchase a home, a home inspection in Monmouth County, NJ, will enable you to know everything about the property that you need to know, in order to make an informed decision.

This way, you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden flaws and problems with the property that start becoming apparent after you have completed the purchase.

With that said, in order to truly avoid such a situation, it is important that you work with a certified and experienced home inspector like me, Steve from AAA Home Inspections.

Best Home Inspector Monmouth County NJ

A home inspection can offer significant benefits for new homeowners but only when they work with a certified home inspector. At AAA Home Inspections, we take our certifications and our job very seriously.

Being certified by the InterNACHI, our inspector, Steve Appolonia has access to regularly updated industry knowledge and learning resources related to conducting comprehensive home inspections.

Moreover, Steve has a unique blend of experience of working as a construction and renovation contractor before spending years working as a home inspector in Monmouth County. Thanks to this experience, we know exactly where to look for problems when conducting a home inspection in Monmouth County.

With this experience and expertise on your side, you can rest assured about never making a bad purchase decision.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Monmouth County NJ

Besides being one of the most trusted home inspectors in Monmouth County, NJ, AAA Home Inspections also offers some of the most affordable prices for home inspection services in the area.

That’s right, when you choose AAA Home Inspections for your home inspection in Monmouth, NJ, you can rest assured about getting the most value out of your money.

Each inspection is conducted with great patience and diligence, ensuring not even the small details are missed. Then, our inspector will prepare an easy to understand report for you, complete with supporting photographs. We also ensure that the reports we share with our clients contain minimal to no industry jargon, aiding them to understand everything easily.

If that’s not enough, our inspector will personally assist you with understanding the information in the report and advise you with the best course of action in your scenario.

Get in touch with us today and get a free, no obligation quote for our services.


Pre Purchase Home Inspection


Pre purchase home inspections, as the name suggests, are conducted to help property buyers protect their interests by providing them with information about the condition of the property. Such an inspection is usually non-invasive and is a visual inspection of the entire property, aimed at identifying flaws and problems in the property.

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Mold is hazardous to humans. The presence of mold, which usually goes undetected for long periods of time, can develop into a cause of respiratory issues in the occupants of the property. At AAA Home Inspections, we use state of the art air quality testing and lab equipment to detect the presence of mold and will even consult you about the best course of action in case mold is detected at your property.

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Pool Inspection


Pool inspections have the potential of saving homeowners and potential buyers thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. This happens when an inspector can identify budding problems related to your pool and its components and informs you about them

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If you think there can be nothing wrong with a newly built home, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Even newly constructed homes are prone to flaws and issues. In fact, issues with new properties are usually more expensive to fix. A new construction home inspection can help you avoid unpleasant surprises after you move into your new home.

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Circuit inspection


Radon testing


Inspection Process


Home Inspection


Home INspected


Home inspection


Electric Inspection


Home Inspection


Home inspection


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February 2020
Steve is awesome! Very prompt and thorough. I highly recommend him.


August 2019
The way you performed your job was absolutely amazing. I will always refer people to your company because you are very diligent and detailed in your inspections. Thank you so much!!!!


April 2019
Excellent and thorough inspection. As a first time home buyer it feels as though I know a lot more about the little things now that Steve took the time to explain and show me. The report itself was easy to read and understand Incase of some little things I did miss when he was explaining them.


April 2019
I've used Steve twice - he is a true professional that's both knowledgeable as well as thorough. I highly recommend him.


February 2019
Very thorough and professional


December 2018
Super detailed and personal! Being a first time home buyer is a very overwhelming process but Steve made the inspection a breeze! Extremely thorough and took ample time to explain everything to me in simple terms! Highly recommend him!


November 2018
Impeccable in his details and explanations.


September 2018
Not only did Steve pay close attention to detail, his flexibility with scheduling was greatly appreciated. Steve took the time to review the inspection report after it was completed and walk us through each detail of the next steps moving forward. Highly recommended!


March 2018
Absolutely a very well meticulously prepared inspection report. Easy to read with great photos and notes. Learned quite a bit from all of information the report included. Stephen also answered any questions I had and reviewed the entire report with me. His report was far more detailed than any past inspections I've required. Would rate as an 11 instead of a 10 if allowed. Keep up the good work Steve.....


November 2017
Stephen was an absolute pleasure to work with and his ability to explain things as he performed the inspection was great. I would highly recommend AAA Home inspections for anyone purchasing a home or condo. Thanks Again, Joe Goodman


October 2017
Say, YES! Steve is both professionally thorough and personally available to answer all your questions. I am completely detail oriented and Steve went above and beyond. We will be contacting Steve again for any future potential purchase.


July 2015
I have dealt with many inspectors .Steven out does them all .He is pleasent and and very honest. Great guy to work with..


May 2015
He was extremely thorough and professional. I felt as if he was inspecting the home like he was the purchaser. I would highly recommend him.


March 2015
Very thorough!


September 2014
Great personality. Thank you


June 2014
On time, professional, and thorough. Did a detail review of 2500 ft., 47 year old home. Found mold in the basement, documented it, and explained options. Luckily seller agreed to fix problem at own expense. I found him to be knowledgable and would recommend him. He provided the inspection report promptly and I would use him again. Thank you Steve.


November 2013
Stephen examined everything! He did a great job. He pointed out some things I would have never noticed. As a first time home buyer I was able to understand every part on the inspection, because Stephen was so good at explaining everything.


November 2013
Steve is a true professional. He not only gave us a home inspection, he also gave us an education on the house we were buying. I would recommend him to anyone that was looking for a detailed home inspection.


July 2013
Couldn't of asked for better! Thanks again!


April 2013
Steve was awesome! Very detailed and thorough. A real professional. I would highly recommend him.

S.L., Morganville NJ

April 2012
Great service! Steve is always friendly, helpful, detail oriented, and explains in everyday terms what issues a home may have and the best way to repair them. He is a true professional with a great amount of knowledge!


April 2011
Thank you so much for doing such a thorough inspection of our new home. You gave me so much important information and your time and effort was greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks again! Amanda Stump


Purchasing a home is a big decision. That’s why, it must be taken only after due diligence and consideration. These days, most homes on the market are staged by professionals. This is done in a way that hides the flaws and problems with that home, generally with the purpose of selling the properties at a higher price without struggling to find a buyer.

However, this practice is disadvantageous for the buyers who use their hard earned money to purchase what they think is their dream home. However, after a few days, when the problems and flaws start becoming apparent, the dream home quickly turns into a nightmare.

A home inspection can help property buyers avoid such nightmares by providing them a transparent narrative of the property they are about to purchase. This way, if there are indeed flaws in the property you are planning to purchase, you can talk about them with the seller and renegotiate the price of the property.

When you choose a home inspector in New Jersey, you are putting a lot of trust in them and in their ability to spot and identify the flaws in a property that you may be able to purchase. In other words, you are choosing to trust the information provided by the home inspector to guide what will perhaps be your biggest investment.

That’s why, you can’t just work with any home inspector. You need a certified professional with up to date knowledge about home inspections alone with ample amount of experience.

At AAA Home Inspections, we understand that. Our inspector, Steve, is an InterNACHI certified home inspector with years of experience under his belt. Besides his experience as a home inspector, Steve also has extensive experience of working in the construction and home renovation industry.

This unique blend of Steve’s experience and certifications, combined with his commitment to helping his clients make him the ideal choice for those looking for a home inspector in New Jersey.

When you choose AAA Home Inspections, you can be sure that you are getting a comprehensive service that will provide you with authentic and actionable information. Our inspector is committed to maintaining high standards of service, regardless of the size of the project, conducting exhaustive and revealing inspections.

In fact, we strongly recommend our clients to be present during the inspection. This way, they can be reported about all the findings of the inspection in real time. Don’t worry, you will still receive an easy to understand yet comprehensive report after the inspection is completed.

We understand that when you choose AAA Home Inspections, you are placing your trust in us and that is why we constantly and relentlessly work hard to ensure we can justify your trust. In other words, when you choose AAA Home Inspections, you can expect to get the service quality and the work ethic you know you deserve.

Don’t take our word for it. Get in touch with us for an appointment and give us a chance to put some merit behind our claims.


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