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A pool inspection can be as beneficial to commercial pools as they are in the case of residential pools. At AAA Home Inspections, we possess the ability and the equipment to conduct both types of pool inspections.

For commercial pools, a pool inspection is primarily aimed at finding out if the pool is built and managed according to the local regulation laws. While the inspection is visual, it can be incredibly revealing and the inspection report will usually contain some serious advice about making your pool a safe body of water that is fit for use by anyone and everyone.

Besides the primary task of determining if a commercial poolside is up to the standards laid out by the local regulatory authority, a pool inspection can also enable the controlling organizations to run their pool more economically and efficiently.

In fact, at AAA Home Inspections, we even produce an Aquatic Facility Plan for each of our commercial customers. This plan contains information about the procedures and daily maintenance processes and tips that can enable you to run your commercial pool with maximum efficiency. Please note that such an Aquatic Facility Plan is not a part of the standard pool inspection service and will come at an additional charge.

On the other hand, the primary purpose of residential pool inspections is to help homeowners or buyers know when there is something wrong with their pool. Since no pre-purchase inspections cover the inspection of the pool, if you are purchasing a property with an attached pool, it is a superb idea to get it inspected by a professional.

While a pool inspection does not include the testing and inspection of pipes and plumbing fixtures dedicated to the pool, it still can be truly revealing and can potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs for homeowners or buyers.

With that said, a pool inspection can only take place when the pool is in functional condition. This means that the pool cover is removed, it is filled with water, the water and chemistry are leveled, all the electronic and plumbing systems are running, and the deepest point of the pool or the point of drainage is clearly visible under the water. It is also a good idea to prepare yourself with the details of any upgrades or repairs that you may have gotten done to your pool in the past.
Moreover, if our inspector does notice any signs of leakage during their visual inspection of your pool, rest assured that you will be informed about the same. However, if there are no visible signs and you would still like to get these components of your pool inspected, you can get it done as an additional service.

 Our Pool Inspection Services Include

If you have a home with a pool, timely scheduling its inspection is a must. Otherwise, your favorite corner of your home might soon turn into a breeding ground for bacterial infections that can pose a serious health hazard to your family. Contacting a team of experienced and certified pool inspectors in Middlesex County, NJ, can help you analyze the health of your home.

A typical pool inspection includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the pool area to look for issues that might be associated with the pool deck, the coping, and the mastic. The pool inspector will also check the pool liner and foundation for any leaks, cracks, or other similar damage.
  • Post that, all the hardware in and around the pool, such as lights, handrails, and ladders, will also be thoroughly inspected to ensure they are safe and sturdy.
  • If there is a diving board, the pool inspector will also check it thoroughly to ensure there are no cracks or other signs of weakening or damage.
  • Lastly, all the pool equipment, including pumps, heaters, plumbing timers, and other electrical components, is also thoroughly checked and inspected.

Post the inspection is complete, the certified pool inspectors will provide an all-inclusive report enclosing all the findings in a detailed manner.

NSPF Certified Pool Inspectors Serving Monmouth and Middlesex County

The pool is a luxury to have but requires regular maintenance. A swimming pool may look fine, but there are a lot of elements that need to be checked before a pool can be used regularly. Pool testing is something that only professionals should handle. After all, a pool can be fun if used cautiously, but can quickly change into a dangerous spot if left unmaintained for long.

At AAA Home Inspections, we have professional home inspectors who are certified by organizations like InterNACHI and NSPF, hence are fully equipped with all the knowledge needed to conduct quality pool inspections in Monmouth and Middlesex County. Our inspectors strictly follow the code of ethics and standards of practice set by the InterNACHI during the inspection. Every component of the pool is checked thoroughly. All our inspectors follow the updated guidelines and use their experience to the fullest to deliver the best results.

Get Swimming Pool Inspection Services by the Experts!

Pool inspection in Middlesex County and Monmouth County is not an easy task. It requires strict professionalism and vigilance so that no point is overlooked at any point during the inspection. Our inspectors will do pressure testing and thoroughly check the entire pool area. With our years of hands-on experience, we understand that even the most beautiful-looking pool can have numerous underlying issues. During our residential pool inspection, our home inspector will check if the water system is properly plumbed, run a visual inspection on the ground surface, and make sure that all the components of the pool are working properly. Contact us today for a professional inspection of your swimming pool and the entire pool area.


Same-Day Inspection Reports

Our ability to provide home inspection reports within a span of 24 hours after conducting the actual inspection is perhaps the most loved aspect of our service. Don’t worry, the quick turnaround time does not mean that there is any sort of compromise on the quality of our service.

Each report is thoroughly vetted before it is sent out to the client. Moreover, every report produced at AAA Home Inspections is designed with the customer in mind. This means, you will be provided with a home inspection report that you can understand without our assistance. With that said, if you do require assistance, we urge you to give our experts a call right away and they will help you understand all the information contained within your home inspection report.

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