New Construction Home Inspection

The purpose of a home inspection is pretty clear to most people that are in the market for purchasing a residential property. If you are buying a home that was occupied by someone before, there are bound to be some underlying issues with the property. Whether it is from regular wear and tear or simply irresponsible upkeep of the property, a home inspection will reveal such issues and help you protect your interests.

However, many home buyers often make the mistake of thinking such problems do not exist in newly constructed properties. This is a common misconception that has led many property investors to make real estate decisions that they have come to regret. The fact is, there is a lot that can be wrong with newly constructed property and that is why, home inspections should be an indispensable part of the property buying process, regardless of whether the property in question is an old one or a brand new property.

In fact, the importance of a home inspection is so paramount to protecting your interests as a buyer that it can be considered as an investment instead of an expense.

With new properties, problems and flaws are usually the result of poor workmanship or the use of low grade construction material. However, since the property is staged by a professional, chances are great that they have found ways to hide said flaws. Since a brand new property looks and feels clean and new, it is difficult for buyers to identify flaws.

This is where AAA Home Inspections can help. We know exactly where the flaws commonly occur, and know exactly where to look when inspecting a property for possible problems.

How Important Are New Construction Home Inspections?

As mentioned earlier, the flaws in a newly constructed property, that can sometimes be very serious and often very expensive to fix, are usually well hidden by professionals that are staging the property for potential buyers. The untrained eye, that is often very preoccupied with learning about the features of the property, usually misses these flaws. As a result, the buyer later regrets their decision of making the purchase, when the flaws and problems of the property start becoming apparent.

At AAA Home Inspections, we have seen the above mentioned situation taking place far too many times and are committed to helping home buyers avoid such unpleasant experiences.

Our trained professionals have a knack for identifying even the most well hidden flaws in a property, enabling our clients to make an informed and possibly profitable decision.

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Same-Day Inspection Reports

Our ability to provide home inspection reports within a span of 24 hours after conducting the actual inspection is perhaps the most loved aspect of our service. Don’t worry, the quick turnaround time does not mean that there is any sort of compromise on the quality of our service.

Each report is thoroughly vetted before it is sent out to the client. Moreover, every report produced at AAA Home Inspections is designed with the customer in mind. This means, you will be provided with a home inspection report that you can understand without our assistance. With that said, if you do require assistance, we urge you to give our experts a call right away and they will help you understand all the information contained within your home inspection report.

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