Mold Inspection Monmouth County

There are a variety of home inspections that can be beneficial for both the parties involved in the sale or purchase of a residential property. At the same time, there are some types of inspections that are also beneficial for existing homeowners. One such home inspection, whose importance to homeowners can be compared to the importance of standard home inspections for home buyers, is a mold inspection.

At AAA Home Inspections, we are experts on mold and the hazardous effects it can have on human health. That is why we make use of state of the art mold and air quality testing equipment and treat each mold inspection project with utmost seriousness.

So if you are looking for a top notch expert for mold testing, you have come to the right place.

Visible mold may not seem like an issue, but we assure you that it is a sign of a bigger, well hidden problem. In most cases, mold grows in areas with high moisture content in the air, where there is not a lot of natural light.

This means, if you can see mold, it has grown so much that it is now growing out of the dark area it started from. It also means that it is only a matter of time when the smell of mold becomes unbearable and it starts causing respiratory issues to the occupants of your home.

In other words, if you the mold is visible, it is critical to get a professional mold testing done at your home and get to the bottom of the problem to eradicate it.

Mold Testing Ocean County

The growth of mold is not treated as a serious issue by many homeowners. That is, until the smell of mold makes it difficult to breathe in their own home. At this point, may go about looking for points where mold growth is happening, usually to no avail.

Since mold grows only in areas void of light, chances are that inexperienced homeowners won’t find it. This is why, when it comes to mold testing in Ocean County, your best bet is to call AAA Home Inspections.

Our inspectors will make use of cutting edge air quality and mold testing equipment to detect even trace amounts of mold. If you think your home has an old problem, you can rest assured that an appointment with a AAA Home Inspection expert will tell you everything you need to know to get rid of the problem.

Thanks to our experience and thanks to being equipped with modern technology, AAA Home Inspections has emerged as one of the most dependable names when it comes to mold testing in the Ocean County area.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation call regarding your mold problem and we’ll give you a competitive, no obligation quote.



Same-Day Inspection Reports

Our ability to provide home inspection reports within a span of 24 hours after conducting the actual inspection is perhaps the most loved aspect of our service. Don’t worry, the quick turnaround time does not mean that there is any sort of compromise on the quality of our service.

Each report is thoroughly vetted before it is sent out to the client. Moreover, every report produced at AAA Home Inspections is designed with the customer in mind. This means, you will be provided with a home inspection report that you can understand without our assistance. With that said, if you do require assistance, we urge you to give our experts a call right away and they will help you understand all the information contained within your home inspection report.

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